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Barradale eggs are egg producers, wholesalers and egg packers to other egg producers for the food trade & industry
    Salmonella free eggs

    25,000 Free Range Hens Free range Hens

    The 25,000 Hens at the Barradale farm are all laying Free Range Eggs. These eggs are collected and packed at high speed to ensure they are delivered to customers at an unbeatable speed to ensure ultra fresh free range eggs are available to be sold on by customers to their respective customers.

    Barradale produced eggs have passed the Laid in Britain accreditation, which is awarded to poultry farms after the egg producing company has passed stringent tests for the health and welfare of the hens and quality of produce.

    No Salmonella
    LAID IN BRITAIN eggs have an amazing record which states that no egg has ever been tested positive for Salmonella. This makes Laid in Britain eggs unique and the safest recorded accreditation for quality eggs. This assurance scheme promotes extra care for the hens and quality of produce which Barradale is committed to uphold, Salmonella free eggs!

    New High Speed Packing
    With the installation of a new high speed packing and grading machine, Barradale offers a comprehensive fast service. Delivery of Barradale Free Range Eggs can be from the laying hen to the customer the next working day. Now that's fast!

    Locally Produced Eggs
    Following the Laid in Britain guidelines all egg boxes marked with the Laid in Britain Logo are from Barradale's own poultry farm or locally produced eggs from associated farms. This guarantees extra fresh, high quality eggs clearly marked with their sell by date. With locally produced eggs, the delivery chain is short and eggs can be traced back to the originating farm.

Laid in Britain is a food quality,safety and welfare assurance scheme run by the United Kingdom Egg Producers Association (UKEP) specifically for independent egg producers / retailers, supplying locally. This close proximity to market ensures optimum freshness and traceability.
The Scheme utilises both vaccination against Salmonella and bio security measures and adherence to HACCP rules, approved by Environmental Health Officers. The Food Standards Agency and DEFRA. Members like Barradale Eggs are independently audited and certified annually, as are production units and packing stations.
    Barradale's Commitment
  • Vaccination of hens  All hens vaccinated against main strains of Salmonellas
    Added Protection  Use of unique "Competitive Exclusion" product for added protection
    Independently Audited  Barradale being independently audited for farms and packing station
    HACCP Standards  Barradale will adhere to strict HACCP procedures and high standards
    Environmentally Tested  Regular environmental testing & unit swabbing
    Health & Safety  Poultry & Produce along with consumer health, welfare and safety being of
      paramount importance
    Laid in Britain Coded  Laid In Britain ID codes on eggs/boxes. Fully traceable back to farm.
    Egg Farm Details  Packaging with individual farm details, with universal farm code
    Eggs Best Before Dates  Genuine best before dates on egg boxes
    Low Food Miles  Low food miles, guaranteeing very fresh eggs

    Barradale is committed to moving forward with the times, ensuring Barradale's customers are always given the best quality eggs for their respective customers. This commitment will continue by strictly following the Laid in Britain guide lines. Customer care and welfare comes first and always will.

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    Barradale News

Barradale News: Moving Forward !

Barradale Eggs - Laid in Britain

Barradale Eggs Laid in Britain

Barradale Eggs are proud to announce that they have moved forward with a new quality assurance accreditation which is believed to be a far better scheme for the future of Barradale and their customers.

With a fresh approach to providing fresh quality eggs even faster to the customer. 25,000 certified Free Range Hens are now producing an even higher quality egg by following the Laid in Britain stringent guidelines for a healthier flock than ever produced previously.

Not only a new flock, also a new all singing and dancing egg grading machine which will make grading eggs 3 times faster than the previous plant. These improvements will allow Barradale to deliver eggs even fresher than most of its competitors.

Customer satisfaction has always been the byword of the company and the latest improvements mean you can offer your customers quality eggs with even greater confidence of their freshness than ever before.

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